The Story Behind The Podcast

From a casual suggestion to an actual podcast serving a worldwide audience

By Trevor Baldwin

UPDATE: This article was written prior to the Covid pandemic.

The inspiration for this podcast was partially thanks to Sandra Champlain, an American best selling author and medium who also produces her own hugely successful podcast called “We Don’t Die”.

The story for this podcast started one day at the beginning of December 2019. After sharing the content of one of Sandra’s episodes with my partner, Jane, she challenged me to have a go at creating my own. She knows me too well and when a challenge is presented, I analyse its potential, let it stew in my mind and jump in fully. I’m like The Fool card in Tarot. In fact, The Fool and The Hermit are the two best cards to describe me!

Podcasts are something I love listening to, especially during my long driving trips sometimes up to twelve hours behind the wheel. I had previously thought about producing a podcast but believed I had nothing to share with the listener.


“Why don’t you do a podcast of your own? You have a good voice and you have a great knowledge of the subject matter… I mean, how hard can it be! ” Trev’s partner

Me being a super-sensitive type picked up on the rare compliment. This time, I didn’t dismiss the idea. Instead, I churned the idea around my head for a few days. A few days later, I rose to that challenge and announced to Jane that I was going to have a go at doing a podcast myself. I had some ideas and considered that Sandra’s podcast was based in the USA and there was room in the UK for a similar format. 

I had invested the previous two decades into learning, exploring, developing and unfolding my own psychic & spiritual potential. I have experience with public demonstrations, private readings and teaching my select students at home. I’ve written two books, both available on Amazon (though hardly best sellers!) and have accumulated much knowledge and experience.  


I’ve always been an advocate for the saying, ‘two ears, one mouth’ and strongly believe that to move forward we must continue to learn and listen more than we talk. Anyone not taking time to develop themselves is not moving forward. They’re just repeating what they’ve learnt so far and missing out on a world of knowledge that could make them better people.”

The podcast idea was, I believed, a way I could continue that ethos of learning yet contributing back to others on their personal journeys of self discovery. I further realised that a key benefit of podcast media is that it’s not limited to a geographical location. My podcast would potentially reach the ears of people across the world. But my biggest problem was belief in myself. I always work for the highest of standards and I don’t have any broadcasting experience. What makes me think I could pull this off? 

None the less, the decision was made and within hours of that moment, the work began to get this podcast up and running. During the late days of December 2019 I researched all aspects of podcast production. I studied tutorials, learnt about equipment, started planning the content and started spending money – a lot of money!

I adjusted the furniture in my Sanctuary and built a recording area in one corner. Electronic equipment started to arrive and while learning I installed a mixing desk, microphones, high quality recording units, cables, cables and more cables!

I had wondered what to call the podcast and threw a few names around. But none sounded right for me. I believe I was inspired by my Spirit friends when one day I blurted out, ” Spirited Talk” – is that even a word! But then a big realisation hit home – one I had not considered.

This is harder than I thought. There is so much I don’t know how to do. It’s impossible for me to get this podcast up and running in a few days or even weeks. I need more time. I’m going to have to put this off until I’m ready”

Knowing my own tendency to procrastinate, I knew that putting it off without a firm target date would result in me dragging my heels. So I look at a calendar and chose a date to launch that would be far enough ahead to allow for all the work, but not so far I would waste time doing nothing.

By now I knew that to launch successfully, I would need a few episodes recorded and ready in advance. During a holiday abroad in January 2020 I wrote much of the planning and compiled ideas for the podcast content. I knew that episode 1 must introduce me and give me some credibility. So I planned that this first episode would be the one and only episode talking about myself. It would need to be scripted. While Jane lay in the golden sun, I sat in the shade writing and reading aloud the script for episode 1. I felt the podcast was now with momentum. But there was still one big elephant in the room.

I now knew I would be able to produce one episode, of a fashion. But how on earth was I going to get well known, respected and knowledgeable people to be interviewed on the podcast. I’m a private person and don’t mix with other medium-types. I want people that are plugged in and talk from the right place. “

When we returned from our holiday I went into my new studio, nervously turned everything on and over the following hour or so, recorded episode one. It was full of mistakes, retakes and cock-ups. I spent another seven hours editing the episode down to the twenty five minutes I wanted it to be. I processed the sound and got Jane to have a listen (I’m sure boring for her!). She told me it was excellent, apart from some of the private stuff I’d mentioned. Tough – it’s staying in! 

I believe with all my heart that this project has been made possible by my Spirit team. Things have happened during this creation stage that are simply unaccountable for. Things have been put in my path and so far, all the early guests I’ve asked have loved the idea and showed their excitement to take part. As I update this page, I have three guests booked, each with an amazing amount of knowledge and experience and the countdown to launch day is closing rapidly.

I hope you enjoy listening to the podcasts. Just put this thought in your mind as you listen – I have no recording or broadcasting experience. This is a learning curve episode by episode. I’m learning ‘on the fly’.  I make mistakes and am far from perfect. But then again – who isn’t?