The mini series are shorter length podcast episodes.

Available on all platforms, including our YouTube channel.

Each episode is between 7 and 25 minutes in length.

The mini series episodes are shorter in length to promote particular events such as book releases, announcements, new guests, events,  exercises and other suitable content.

This is also an introductory series for lesser known people working within the field of spirit work who deserve a voice. 

Each episode is produced to the highest standards and includes all the bells and whistles of a full length episode, including a presence on our YouTube channel.



    • Do you want to have your message heard on a Spirited Talk Mini episode? 
    • Have you an interesting way of working with the spirit world that’s worth sharing?
    • Maybe you’ve got a story or incident related to your spiritual work. 

    Share it with our listeners across the world and help them learn from your experiences and knowledge. Start right now and return the form to Spirited Talk. If you’re chosen, a member of Spirited Talk will contact you and arrange for an interview.

    Once the interview dates and times are arranged, all you have to do is consider what it is you want to say. This is best prepared with notes containing key points that you want to include during the interview.

    The host may prepare some notes ahead of the interview, so any information you can supply about your topic would be gratefully appreciated. 

    You’ll need to have a Zoom Conferencing account for connection via the internet and ideally a reliable internet connection. 


    • Tablets & smart phones often offer better quality cameras and mics than laptops.
    • The original earphones/headphones that came with the device offer better audio quality.
    • The recording is edited and sound processed before broadcast.
    • The release date of your episode will be up to 2 months after recording.
    • You may request a quick ‘test’ connection prior to the actual recording if you choose.
    • The video footage may be used by Spirited Talk, though you can state your preference.

    Please understand that returning this form to Spirited Talk does not guarantee you an interview.
    It is with the discretion of Spirited Talk as to whether you are selected.