The Spirited Talk Podcast

The ability to communicate with the other world is not just for the gifted few. All of us are born with the same powers. Life, however, covers these subtle abilities and through peer pressure and circumstances we often leave our true potential untapped.

Unfolding long lost gifts takes development and unfoldment. Spirited Talk podcasts are stories and lessons from some of the finest mediums, healers, teachers and spiritualists in the world today. By listening to others that know, we too can benefit from their experience and knowledge. In listening, we are understanding, growing, developing and unfolding our own unique potential.

The Guests On The Playlists

I have listened to all the episodes on spirited talk and have thoroughly enjoyed every single episode and podclass, they are both informative and educational. The spiritual biographies of each medium show us their journey so far, and the podclasses show us the level they have achieved to enable them to share their wealth of knowledge with us.
Paul Hennings
Spiritual Medium
I am sure that the Spirit world are thrilled with all that you are doing with Spirited Talk. I hope your work continues for a very long time.
You are an inspiration, and I enjoy being able to hear other people's experiences within Our Spiritual Family on Your Spiritual Podcasts.
Ann B.
I was informed about Spirited Talk by Rachel Casson in the summer, so have benefited from your wonderful service for a while. I still consider myself to be a newbie to the world of Spiritualism. I hope you will appreciate just how welcome Spirited Talk was to me. Your enthusiasm I fully understand, and such a wealth of knowledge, easily accessible, is like an Aladdin’s cave. I can’t thank you enough.
Partner & Listener